It follows that if the Uncertainty Principle is correct--and virtually every physicist agrees it is--then God cannot exist. This is because God, by definition, knows everything. If He cannot know one of the parameters without disturbing the other, then He cannot be God.

Conversely, if there is a God who knows everything, including both parameters simultaneously, then Heisenberg's Principle must be wrong.

There is one other possibility: that God can do certain things we cannot, and will never be able to, accomplish. But even if this were true, He could nevertheless show us how to overcome this particular theoretical limitation. If He could, and chooses not to do so, however, the Uncertainty Principle must still be incorrect.

The above itself is a kind of "uncertainty principle." We don't know, and many never know, which possibility--Heisenberg or God--is correct. The only thing we can know for sure is that whichever is right, the other must be wrong.

GB/March 18, 2006