In November, 2001, Gene Brewer was sued, alone with almost everyone else connected with the film version of K-PAX, for plagiarizing an Argentinean movie called MAN FACING SOUTHEAST. Though the lawsuit was later withdrawn, this development stimulated the author to ponder where his ideas for the book and film originated. The resulting memoir, CREATING K-PAX, includes excerpts from previously unpublished work, and ends with a chapter of advice for other would-be novelists.

BEN AND I is a wonderfully lyrical novel about a homeless teenager and his companion, a big, hairy dog called Ben. It's an unusual Christmas story that will make you laugh and cry. If you liked K-PAX, you'll love BEN AND I.

MURDER ON SPRUCE ISLAND is a mystery like none you've ever read. The protagonist, Louis B. Davenport, is a very soft-boiled deputy sheriff out to solve a baffling island whodunit that will keep you guessing (and smiling) until the last word.

WRONGFUL DEATH, a courtroom drama entirely in dialogue, focuses on the death of a 9-year-old diabetic girl following treatment of her illness with a new, experimental drug. Taken right out of the headlines, this courtroom drama will have you turning the pages until a verdict is reached...

BECOMING HUMAN is the story of a human-like artificial brain created by a team of scientists in a neurological laboratory. As Oscar's intellectual capacity increases with the daily addition of hundreds of neurons, he begins to exhibit more and more human characteristics, eventually becoming deeply involved in the lives of his creators. All of this raises questions about the meaning of being human, of the soul, and of existence itself.

WATSON'S GOD is a novel within a novel about a young writer trying to make sense of his life after his high school sweetheart dies following a botched abortion. Though set in the counterculture '60's, the book will resonate with those who are seeking solutions to the problems of today.

If you've ever wondered what the K-PAX film sequel might look like, the preview screenplay is included in K-PAX REDUX, along with the stage script and "Prot's Report to K-PAX."

THREE STORIES AND A NOVELLA is a delightful collection of stories for children of all ages. Humorous and incisive, they will enlighten as well as entertain you.

In K-PAX IV, a new visitor arrives from the constellation Lyra. She is much more outspoken than prot, extraordinarily sexually promiscuous, and resembles more than anything else a large female chimpanzee. Declaring that she intends to take 100,000 people back with her when she departs (the U.S. government takes a dim view of this proposal), the novel rushes to a surprising and fast-moving conclusion that will give the reader hope for a better future for us all.

An ambitious politician, unable to run successfully for public office because he is not handsome enough, vows to produce three sons whole will occupy the highest offices in the land: those of the President, the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The result--THE AMERICAN WAY: A POLITICALLY INCORRECT SATIRE--is a hilarious spoof on the way we elect our leaders and how they govern us.

Three very different works are included in 3 EARLY NOVELS. The first, RALPHY, is about a misfit in a typical midwest American family. Ralphy, who was born flat and resembles a fish, is a throwback to an earlier time in human history. In BREAKTHROUGH, Arthur Raintree, Ph.D. struggles to find a fundamental treatment for cancer despite the disapprobation of his peers and the indifference of society in general. TWENTY TWENTY is the story of two twins, one a genius who is willing to die for his beliefs, the other a television report assigned to cover his brother's latest, and perhaps final, adventure.

K-PAX V is the final novel in the K-PAX series. The surprise ending will captivate and reward K-PAX fans everywhere.


(MIV): After his wife's untimely death, Peter Schultz, a retired English teacher, moves to Vermont to begin his retirement. Soon after his arrival, however, he meets another English teacher and begins to fall for her. His guilt overwhelms him: he still loves his late wife. Neighbors and a handyman soon become part of his troubles.


(TSOE): In 2087, a spacecraft with a crew of eight is sent to Europa, the second of the the four moons first seen by Galileo, to look for life in its under-ice saltwater ocean. The book will have your pulse racing from beginning to end in this gripping new novel which seeks to answer the question: Are we alone?